About gin

The Vermuiz

The Vermuiz is a premium gin that resorts to traditional botanicals combining them with spices that gives it an aroma and a less conventional drink. Inspired by Memories of the Minho the Vermouiz has both traditional and surprising. At the same time that it is hoped to taste the citrus so characteristic of the region of the Minho, where it was created, surprises with the combination of the spices and herbs.

The Story

About Origin

The origin of the village of Famalicão gave the motto for the creation of our gin, whose inspiration is the so-called Castelo de Vermoim, built in the eleventh century by Count Vermuiz Forjaz. It is, moreover, the Count who ordered the construction of the fortress that protected the village from which comes the name of gin. The name and main characteristics: strong, combative and moldable to each palate. A new experience to every palate!